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“I have been working with Lesa as a stylist on many of my TV and photo sessions for over 20 years. Working with Lesa’s enthusiasm, professionalism and her eye for impeccable styling, hair, make up, props and wardrobe always helps to create a better visual outcome. Whether you’re a photographer, DP, director or art director, if you value creative collaboration you will find that Lesa pluses every job she works on. I highly recommend her work!”
Mark Rosenthal
Creative Director, Creative Alliance

“I have worked with Lesa for over 2 decades and I’ve known her even longer. We have achieved many milestones working together (6 time North American Hair Styling finalist and 2-time winner). She has been an essential part of my career and business growth. I recommend her highly!”
Bennie Pollard
President/Owner, BennieFactor

“Lesa is everything you look for in a stylist and more. In projects for me, she has worked with ordinary folks who want to look their best for an interview, as well as actors who are extraordinarily concerned about their image. I’ve seen her age someone by 20 years when needed, and take 10 years off their age when desired -- all while putting them at ease with the skill of a psychologist. And her contributions go far beyond styling...I take her advice on wardrobe, lighting, camera angles and much, much more. Lesa stays absolutely current on the newest technologies and techniques in her field and is an asset on any shoot or event.”
Alan Lopez
Graywolf Advertising/Creative

“Lesa is a great hire for any film or video production, be it local or national in scale. She has been a go-to resource for us for many years and always delivers. Whether styling hair, doing makeup, handling wardrobe, or managing props, she brings a wealth of experience in all areas. Often it’s not just doing one of those things, but multiple activities on the same project. That is a reality of the production world in our region - not always having the budget to hire people unique to each of those skill sets. Lesa understands that and brings considerable experience and quality of work to whatever job she is needed for, while always adding value in areas that the budget might not allow for separate personnel for. That said, if focus on an individual position is what’s needed, Lesa provides a quality level that is fit for the highest levels of production. She will be a great addition to your team.”
John Flower
Owner/Executive Producer, John Flower Productions